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VERSACRYL Thermo-Adjustable Relines


The Versacryl Reline Kit is not a regular " soft reline " material. It´s a heat-sensitive liner that softens in warm water. At body temperature, Versacryl has a cushiony effect and will yield to pressure and actually create better suction.

When heated, the reline becomes very soft and adaptable to soft tissues and teeth, over and over again (at room temperature the material will feel relatively hard to the touch).

Advantages & Features:

·         The rigidity of Versacryl controlled by varying proportion of the Softener and Hardener. This allows for an infinite range of consistencies, from very soft while heated to as hard as denture base.

·         Following polymerization, Versacryl remains thermo-elastic allowing it to be heat-softened in water for adaptation to softer tissues and teeth over and over again.

·         Versacryl´s unique memory allows it to return to its original shape when heated.

·         Versacryl will chemically bond itself to any other acrylic product, either Heat Cure or Self Cure.

·         The product is a nice pink color that blends well with the denture base.

·         Because of the versatile properties of Versacryl, inventory doesn´t sit on the shelf waiting for the next reline.

·         Superb technical support can offer technique tips and help.

·         The material has a slow rebound shape after deformation and keep denture in contact with tissue while chewing.

·         Versacryl can completely replace those ugly metal hooks on partial dentures.

·         It creates adjustable relines.

·         It solves the problems involved with stabilizing loose lower dentures.

·         Versacryl is great for many other applications dental and non-dental!

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Code Name Price  
100914 VERSACRYL- 100914 - Versacryl Lab Kit Heat cured

VERSACRYL - Versacryl Thermo - Soft Adjustable Reline - Heat cured - Lab kit includes: 2 -
50gm powder ( clear and pink veined ) - 1 - 60ml hardener mon... [Weight: 0.464 kgs] [Click Here To See Full Product Description...]

u$s 168.99
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100915 VERSACRYL- 100915 - Versacryl Lab Kit Self Cured

VERSACRYL - Versacryl Auto - Soft Adjustable Reline - Self cured - Lab kit includes:2x
50gm powder ( clear and pink veined ) - 1 - 60ml hardener monomer... [Weight: 0.200 kgs] [Click Here To See Full Product Description...]

u$s 168.99
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Monomer Refills

Code Name Price  
101122 VERSACRYL-121122 - Monomer Self Cure 1qt premixed

VERSACRYL - Versacryl Self cure Monomer Only 1qt premixed - - ( This product requires
special shipping conditions due to its hazardous material conditio... [Weight: 0.200 kgs] [Click Here To See Full Product Description...]

u$s 247.56
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101125 VERSACRYL-101125 - Monomer Softener 1qt

VERSACRYL - Versacryl Softener 1qt - ( Monomer only ) ( This product requires special
shipping conditions due to its hazardous material conditions and w... [Weight: 0.200 kgs] [Click Here To See Full Product Description...]

u$s 238.47
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101124 VERSACRYL-101124 - Monomer Hardener Self Cure 1qt

VERSACRYL - Versacryl Hardener Self cure 1qt - ( Monomer only ) ( This product requires
special shipping conditions due to its hazardous material condit... [Weight: 0.200 kgs] [Click Here To See Full Product Description...]

u$s 238.47
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Powder Refills

Powders are the same for Heat and Self cure

Code Name Price  
101119 VERSACRYL- 101119 - Versacryl Pink powder 1lb

VERSACRYL - Versacryl Thermo - Soft Adjustable Reline - 1lb Pink Veined Powder -
Instructions (K# 1014023 ) ( Soft Acrylic ) ... [Weight: 0.510 kgs] [Click Here To See Full Product Description...]

u$s 160.87
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101120 VERSACRYL-101120 - Versacryl Clear powder 1lb

VERSACRYL - Versacryl Thermo - Soft Adjustable Reline - 1lb Clear Powder - Instructions
(K# 1014022 ) ( Soft Acrylic ) ... [Weight: 0.510 kgs] [Click Here To See Full Product Description...]

u$s 160.87
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Repeatable thermo-adjustable reline using Versacryl

Repeatable thermo-adjustable reline using Versacryl

V ersacryl is a consistency controllable thermo-elastic acrylic with memory. The material that most people com­pare Versacryl thermo-adjustable liner with is Molloplast B. Molloplast B is rubber while Versacryl is acrylic.
A rubber liner acts like a spring; it com­presses under occlusal load and springs or bounces back to its processed shape immedi­ately when occlusion is disengaged. The perception of being soft is giving little or no resistance to pressure. Tissue reacts differ­ently when compressed; it returns to its shape slowly. Tissue has a slow reaction time.
What Versacryl offers can best be described as a compressive or cushioning action. When a denture is under occlusal load, the tissue will compress first, then loading will continue and the Versacryl liner will yield under that load. When occlusion is disengaged, the tissue along with the Versacryl liner will start to return to their previous shape, maintaining inti­mate contact between denture and mucosa. The Versacryl thermo-adjustable liner should not be viewed as a substitute for Molloplast B, but rather as an aid in achieving a better fitting and more com-
fortable denture. A Versacryl repeatable thermo-adjustable reline should not be prescribed as a soft-liner.
As denture providers, the most desirable features of the Versacryl thermo-adjustable reline are:
1. It is a cross-linked acrylic;
2. Chemically bonds to other acrylics and itself;
3. The polished fitting surface and salivary action achieves adhesion; and
4. Denture can be readapted by warming and reinserting (by the denture provider or patient, after instruction).
To reline a new denture:
Heat cure method (Heat cure is always preferable to self cure)
1. Flask, boil out and separate, the denture wax-up as usual.
2. Pack regular pink denture acrylic with the spacer 2-3mm. Add a separating sheet and trial press. Leave for 2 to 2.5 hours under press for acrylic to harden.
3. Mix Versacryl liquid and powder 1:1.5 ratio by weight. When mixing, add powder to liquid while stirring gently until the powder is completely saturated and a smooth and creamy consistency (no lumps) is achieved.
4. Open flask, remove spacer and prime acrylic with hard liquid (Figure 2). Pour some Versacryl (Figure 3) over the denture surface and wait 5 minutes for Versacryl to harden slightly.
5. Wet fingers (water only) and remove Versacryl from mixing cup. Stretch out and apply to denture (leave some for trial-packing).
6. When a smooth surface is achieved on the packed Versacryl liner, close the flask and heat cure process to acrylic denture base instructions.
To reline an existing denture: Heat cure method
1. Packing instructions as above. Tip: apply a fresh layer of acrylic then prime with hard liquid and pack Versacryl.
2. Take to boil and process for 20 minutes.
Self Cure Reline:
Pack as above and process in hot water or hydroflask for 20 mins at 50-60oC.
Figure 1. Roughen and prepare margins: square margins increase surface area, provide neat finish and reduce the time necessary for trimming.
Figures 2 and 3. Prime with hard liquid (letf) and then pour and let run over the surface of the denture (right).
Figure 4. Stretch and apply:
Do not knead, you will include bubbles.
Figure 5. Wrinkles indicate the material is underpacked. Trial packing increases density of material.
Figure 6. No wrinkles indicates correct packing. Close flask and process.
Figure 7. Processed. Note undercuts and smooth surface.
Figures 8-10. Trim the denture at approxi­mately 8,000rpm with diamond bur, then sili-cone point. Tip: to trim, place in cold water or bag in the fridge until rigid; use pumice with single row brush, then high shine to pol­ish surface. Mixing ratio 1:1.5 by weight.
Instructions for adjusting a versacryl reline At body temperature, Versacryl relines are designed to adjust themselves in the mouth to the contours of the gum. If discomfort occurs, the reline is adjustable in the following manner:
1. Immerse and soak the denture in a bowl of hot water for about 2 minutes at approx. 80°C.
2. Quickly dry off all the excess water and insert in the mouth.
3. Slowly find the correct bite, then clench hard for 2 seconds.
4. Do not warm the denture to remove.
5. This procedure can be repeated as often as necessary, until the desired level of comfort is reached.
If sore spots occur, the reline material can temporarily be moved out of the way, simply by warming the denture, pressing on the area that caused the pain and holding while cooling under cold water. By re-heating the denture afterwards, the reline will auto­matically return to its original shape.
NOTE: Tablet-type cleaners are not to be used.
For more information please, call Ultimate Dental Supplies on 1800-636-801.
Figures 11-18. Examples of what is possible.
Main Product:
  • Versacryl Thermo-Soft Adjustable Reline Heat Cure
  • Versacryl Thermo-Soft Adjustable Reline Self Cure



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